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When David Burt bought his first buy to let he asked a few of friends already in the letting property's which property agency they would recommend. After hearing various reasons as to why they were completely unsatisfied with each agency they had tried. He then conferred with a number of large scale landlords in the southeast, who stated they too had faced similar issues, and in the end had decided to manage their rental properties themselves.

So, with the help of said landlords, and endorsement from the National Landlords Association, David started managing his first rental property himself. After seeing how he managed his work, several of his friends asked him if he would help them with their rental properties

As of 2018, David rents/manages over 50 properties for a dozen Landlords around East Sussex and the south east. What started out as a small endeavour into an entrepreneurial business as flourished into a budding lettings agency, leading David to leave his previous job to manage full time

About us

Unlike other lettings agency's, David has never had to advertise his services, all his business comes from the personal recommendations of satisfied landlords and tenants - who can now choose from a comprehensive range of services tailored to satisfy their own individual needs.

If you would like to get in touch regarding an available letting you have seen on the website or heard through word of mouth, make sure you check out the contact us page, but be quick, as property's don't tend to stay on the market for long!



Tel: 07787571427

Email: d@vidburt.co.uk

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